The weekend is yours to tailor for yourself from among the wide variety of activities that will be available.
Skills classes will begin in earnest with our guest mentors on Friday afternoon and continue throughout the weekend.  Peer mentors will also be available to help with your on water practice.  Scattered between the on-water skills classes will be demonstrations of other skills such as ropes, harpooning,  kayak maintenance,  games and perhaps even a few competitions.
Each morning will begin with Yoga before coffee and breakfast.  (Actually there might be some coffee made in the conference center before yoga, so don't dispair.)   Those who would like can also take advantage of some personalized yoga attention from Debbie focused on specific problems (see below). 
Thursday is for those who need or want to come early.  The hatch cover workshop conducted by Jane Gulden will be Thursday afternoon from 1 to about 5.    And Friday morning there will be a group paddle to explore portions of Lake Greenwood.   Those wanting to take advantage of the pre-event activities as well as those who are coming from a distance and may want to arrive a day early to be rested and ready for the first skills sessions will need to register for the "Extended Weekend" package. 
Saturday evening is auction night.   Proceeds from the auction are used directly to help bring in our special guests and to defray costs so that registration fees can remain low.  Popular items for the auction table are kayak related and hand crafted items.  So we urge each of you to donate new or lightly used items to the auction.  It is okay to ask a friend or your local outfitter whether they would like to send something along with you also.  If your local outfitter would like to donate an item and you let us know, we can include them on our website as a friend of TIPS.    And don't forget to bring your wallet and/or charge cards to take some of those goodies home with you.   Help insure that TIPS will continue as an annual event!
tlc for you kayaks
In one session you will come away with two types of hatch covers.  One is a loose weave to allow air to circulate into the compartments, which is great for allowing the hatches to dry out, and for keeping critters out while in storage.  The other is waterproof to use for short term storage and transporting your kayak.  But it can also serve as an emergency hatch cover if the permanent one is lost.  The soft hatch covers also  decrease the risk of excessive pressure build up in the storage compartments. 

In this workshop, you will be guided through the steps to make a pattern, cut out and assemble  the hatch covers from both mesh and waterproof fabrics.  Participants are asked to bring an enthusiam for making something, the ability to use scissors to cut fabrics accurately, sharp scissors if you have them and the kayak for which you are making the covers.

Cost for the workshop is $45 and includes all the materials and instruction you will need to make a total of six (6) covers (1 oval and 2 round from each fabric).
The workshop will begin at 1PM on Thursday afternoon.  For most participants then an extended stay weekend would be appropriate. (See registration information)

Contact Jane Gulden at  if you have any questions regarding this workshop.   
Screen Fabric
Waterproof Fabric
None of us has mirrors to see exactly how we are sitting or how we are moving our bodies as we paddle. Usually through discomfort our bodies tell us that things could be better. If you are having recurring problems while or after paddling, this may be just the session for you. Debbie Seabrook, a certified yoga teacher, will be available to help identify what may be causing the problems and what exercises could help you gain flexibility and strength to alleviate those ailments.  If you would like to be a part of this session, please begin a dialogue with Debbie by providing her a statement of what you would like to work on.  Contact her at  A session will last about 90 minutes and will be limited to 6 people.  Multiple sessions will be scheduled if needed.