2017 Mentor Biographies
We are delighted to feature in 2017 a group of very talented mentors, all hailing from along the East Coast from New York to Maryland.  Welcome to you all and thank you for joining us.

 Dave Sides (long-lost twin brother of Dubside?) started his Allunaariaqattarneq (Greenland Ropes Gymnastics) tutelage in 2005 at one of the first Hudson River Greenland Festivals.  Dubside had the ropes up in the trees and asked if anyone would like to try.  Dave couldn't get his hand up fast enough.  Since then he has worked alongside Dubside, mentored and demonstrated at  QUSA events across the country.  Dave's background as a gymnast and gymnastics coach of 20 + years brought a unique set of skills to the events, specifically spotting for safety and breaking down skills into learnable drills.  His motto is:  "Now you have learned it, go teach it.....Pay it forward!  

Whether on the water, on the Greenland ropes or on a rope hanging down a mountainside, Dave leads a very balanced life.

An internationally known authority on Greenland rolling techniques and Greenland rope gymnastics, Dubside is easily recognizable at any event by his completely black attire and distinctive beard.  He spends a portion of each year in Greenland interfacing with Greenlanders and learning more about their culture and their kayaking skills, and no doubt teaching a bit also.  The remainder of his time he spends traveling throughout North and South America, Europe and Japan giving presentations, demonstrations and instruction for symposia, clubs and outfitters. Dubside is also the creator of the ​ qattaarneq.com

Will is a founder of Massachusettes' Walden Qajaq Society (1999), which brought to Qajaq USA events a unique instructional method to teach rolling.  That style is now used by many mentors and in many traditional kayaking events.  Will started his mentoring in 2003; has taught at all the QUSA events and is one of the most sounght out mentors.  Will has never met a stranger; quickly puts his students at ease and makes qajaqing fun.  Don't be surprised when you make that roll you thought was out of your reach.

   Anicca Jansen​​

Anicca teaches kayaking in and around Annapolis, MD, through her company Kayak Instruction & Tours . Having benefited from many of our community's great mentors herself, Anicca has developed a relaxed respectful approach to mentoring that puts paddlers at ease and helps them unlock their hidden paddling and rolling talents. She has mentored several times at the Chesapeake Paddlers Association Sea Kayaking weekend and the Delmarva Paddlers Retreat.