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Traditional Inuit Paddlers of the Southeast (TIPS) is an annual kayak gathering that brings Greenland Style paddling to the Southeastern United States.
Novice through expertly skilled paddlers join together to explore, learn and teach paddling strokes and maneuvers, rolling techniques and appreciate the ingenuity of the type of equipment used for thousands of years by Greenland hunters.
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5th Annual TIPS Retreat​

18 - 20 May 2018 ​​

General registration ends 1 May

Paddle workshop registration ends 15 April 

      NOTE:  Paddle workshop is full.  Join us at TIPS to see the masterpieces!!!

   Put the third weekend in May on your calendar for the Fifth Annual Traditional Paddlers Retreat to be held at the same wonderful spot along the shores of Lake Greenwood. Join our exceptional mentors to add a Greenland twist to your sea kayaking skills, including strokes, rescues, rolling and even harpooning.  And we also plan to explore  a bit of kayak choreography.
    This will be our first year offering a paddle making workshop. Choose either a one-piece traditional paddle or a break-a-part. 
   And as always the weekend will also be filled with yoga exercises for paddlers, games, friendly competitions on and off the water, information about traditional paddling and LOTS OF FUN !

 We are happy to announce the outstanding mentors who will be with us this year.  Learn more about each of these mentors ​on our ​​ special guests  page.



Forward stroke aficianado
​Paddle maker extraordinaire

Greenland Skills Guru
And our good friend and supporter, ​​Dubside, will be with us again this year along with his merry ropes and phenomenal rolls.
Many of us already know the virtues of the "skinny stick" -- its versatility, how easy it is on the joints and muscles, excellent lift for sculling and bracing among others.  But do we actually know what all goes into making this deceptively simple paddle? Why not find out!

This will be our first year offering a paddle making workshop.  And we are delighted to say that it will be led by Don Beale .

​Participants will work in the pavilion down by the lake creating a customized paddle, and may select either a one piece or break-apart design.  More information is found on the Activities page .

See activites
  ​​​​Begin your mornings with yoga stretches

Perhaps end your day with a musical jam.
Lake Greenwood has seals?
Skin on Frame Rescues
 ​ Is this really how to paddle?
I ​AMbreathing
 ​Put a little balance in your life!