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Traditional Inuit Paddlers of the Southeast (TIPS) is an annual kayak gathering that brings Greenland Style paddling to the Southeastern United States.
Novice through expertly skilled paddlers join together to explore, learn and teach paddling strokes and maneuvers, rolling techniques and appreciate the ingenuity of the type of equipment used for thousands of years by Greenland hunters.

TIPS 2019​

17 - 19 MAY 2019

    The third weekend of May 2019 will again be highlighted by the Annual Traditional Paddlers Retreat on Lake Greenwood.  Join our exceptional mentors to add a Greenland twist to your sea kayaking skills, including ​​​​​strokes, rescues, rolling and even a little harpooning. Learn more about outfitting your kayak to get the most out of your paddling.

     This year Anders Thygesen and Jannie Heegaard from Norway will join us as guest mentors, along with our good friend and supporter, Dubside.  You can read more about them here .  Bring with you the name of a skill you think is impossible for you to do and see whether our mentors can help you make it yours.

     On Thursday before the main event begins Anders will offer a paddle making workshop. (see more)

   And, as always, the weekend will be filled with yoga exercises for paddlers, games, friendly competitions on and off the water, information about traditional paddling and LOTS OF FUN !
On the Ropes.  Or "Why am I doing this?
Paddle making workshop with Don Beale
Perhaps end your day with a musical jam.
  ​​​​​Begin your mornings with yoga stretches

Lake Greenwood has seals?
Skin on Frame Rescues
 ​​ Is this really how to paddle?
I ​ ​AM breathing
​​Dubside always completes the roll.
 ​​Put a little balance in your life!