A listing of mentor sessions that may occur during the weekend, although there will not be enough time for all of them.

CONFIDENCE UNDER WATER:  Overcome that aqua anxiety.  Whether hanging upside down in the water while still attached to a kayak sounds really ominous to you, or you have a roll and hang upside down, but don't feel as comfortable as you would like, this is the class for you.

TLC FOR YOUR Kayak:  Keep your kayak looking young, healthy and happy with a few routine simple steps!  Bring your kayak, whether it be SOF, composite or plastic and learn prevention and early identification of problems that might cause premature kayak demise.

DEVELOPING A BOMB PROOF ROLL:  Prerequisite for this class is having 1 very dependable roll.  The class will cover a wide spectrum including understanding, identifying and dealing with fear, getting familiar with being under water, improving skill level and technique, and dealing with surprise, stress and water motion.  Be ready for practice drills.

ROPES:   The Greenland ropes are a way that Greenlanders build their strength and skills for rolling when the water is too inhospitable to practice there.  Our exposure to the ropes will include a demonstration and explanation on Friday evening followed on Saturday and Sunday by practice as a scheduled class or that you can set up on an individual basis (if you prefer not to have an audience).  Be sure to try them; they are fun as well as enlightening.  Dave Sides can make even me successful in some of the maneuver

MAKING THE CHANGE:  See for yourself how the traditional, skinny Greenland style paddle is used to make your boat do all the things you expect it to and then a bit more.  We will cover all the standard issues -- forward stroke, turning, support, etc, but using effective Inuit technique. For centuries before John McGregor and then Derek Hutchison "invented" modern sea kayaking, the Arctic kayak hunters daily provided food and clothing, ensuring the continuation of a culture in conditions that would keep most of us indoors.  The boats, tools and techniques from this paddling tradition, still kept alive in modern Greenland, offer a different perspective on sea kayaking.  

SOF QAJAQS AND GREENLANDIC TRADITIONAL GEAR:  Discover the qualities of Skin on Frame qajaqs and give one or several a try.  Find out the benefits of using greenlandic qajaq gear such as a tuilik and akuillasaq.  Learn about throwing a hharpoon, using a norsaq/rolling stick and other items.

KAYAK BALLET:  Forward, backward and all around ... creativelymovinf your kayak with grace and style while improving your control of your kayak.  Class may be part on land and part on water.

RESCUES AND RECOVERIES:  What do yu do when the roll doesn't "roll" ?  Some rescues are unique to SOF qajaqs; some are applicable to modern kayaks.  Learn the difference and how to do each.

BASIC ROLL SKILLS:  With supervision and guidance, become comfortable with wet exits, balance bracing and other skills for rolling your kayak successfully.