Planning Committee
Fran Symes: I was introduced to the "skinny stick" at the same time I was introduced to the kayak.  Although I have had to learn the Euro paddle to earn ACA instructor certifications, I remain a devoted traditional paddler, drawn to its grace, efficiency and contemplative nature.  And I have enormous respect and appreciation for the people and culture that developed this style of paddling quite simply for their survival.  As an original organizer for TIPS I am thrilled at each event to meet other enthusiasts.
Debbie Seabrook:  I discovered kayaking as a means to maintain sanity in a stressful government job.  I am now retired and keep busy as a yoga teacher (200 RYT), hobby farmer, kayak mentor ( lapsed ACA L2) and master naturalist/citizen scientist.  I particularly enjoy helping fellow kayakers discover the more mindful side of paddling.  Greenland style kayaking fits right into that attitude.  I have enjoyed guiding the yoga sessions at TIPS for the last three years.
J​ane Rosalind Wywrot Gulden:  Though I began as a modern (Euro-blade) paddler, I soon discovered greenlandic qajaqing and realized this was the path for my journey. Nevertheless, I enjoy mentoring both the modern and Traditional kayaking skills.  I have led workshops for making a tuilik (the greenlandic splash jacket/spray skirt), akuilisaq (Greenlandic summer spray skirt), and other greenlandic qajaqing gear.  I pursued my ACA Coastal Kayak L3 instructor certification to obtain my Traditional Paddling Endorsement.
Jeff Atkins:  Jeff is a 25 year veteran Park Ranger with SC State Parks and Charleston County Parks.  He has led outdoor programs all over South Carolina.  Paddle sports are his passion and he loves to spread the "infectious" recreation activity to others.  He believes in having fun, learning and helping others to expand their knowledge and skills.  "There is nothing like the feeling of seeing a person smile because they just did something they didn't think they could do."